August 3rd, 2016 By Tamoh

My Shopify store is in NOK and my Stock&Buy inventory in USD, how does it look?

As you might already know, we support multiple stores for Shopify and WooCommerce.

I just wanted to share with you a quick post on how this would look in reality.
Let’s assume that my Shopify store is in NOK (Norwegian kroner). This could be my second or third store. However, I am based in the US, or for some reason, I just like USD, and want to manage my inventory inside Stock&Buy using US dollars (why not!).

Inside Stock&Buy
Let’s assume I have a product, with two variants. I am planning to sell each one at a retail price of 100 USD (Remember? inside Stock&Buy I am using USD). This is how it would look like inside Stock&Buy:

Inside Stock&Buy, I am using USD as my base currency.

Inside Stock&Buy, I am using USD as my base currency.

Setting up the conversion rate

I guess you figured it by now, we need to have some conversion rates to go from USD to NOK. Inside Stock&Buy, if you go to your account settings, you can add any number of conversion rates (this might be useful if your suppliers have different currencies). Picture below shows you how to do it:

Setting your currency conversion rates.

What happens on the side on Shopify?

Now, if you change the price inside Stock&Buy, it will be automatically synced to Shopify (yes, of course, you can turn this off, but not recommended). So what should we see now on Shopify? 100 or? (See the picture above and see if you can figure it out).Yes, you got it right 600… NOK. Picture below shows how things look on the Shopify side.
Shopify Prices


In Stock&Buy you can decide to manage your inventory in a completely different currency than the one you have on your store. This could be because this is a second store, or just have requirements that implies you have to do it this way.

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