February 2nd, 2017 By Tamoh

Introducing Stock&Buy community

An important part of our job here at Stock&Buy is customer support. Day in and day out, we strive at giving our user base the best support they can get to effectively use our platform and get the most out of it while managing their business.

The support tickets we answer around the clock come in different flavors. Some are feature requests, others are bug reports (rest assured, these are now getting rare 🙂 ) but most of the tickets are questions about Stock&Buy and its usage. While we aim at always having our support system up on one screen to answer issues and unblock situations as they come, we do need to take breaks and time off here and there. To make sure our customers don’t get stuck on fundamental Stock&Buy functionality, we looked at the possiblity of putting a good help system in place to cover for us when we are not available. We don’t want you to be stuck for hours trying to figure out how to upload a file to a product image 🙂

This is why we spent the last couple of months trying to put an automated system in place to answer questions our users might have while we are away from our screens.

A chat bot

A chatbot is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to interact with users through a messaging service in a way that is designed to seem like a conversation. A chatbot provides a friendlier, more responsive way to interact with people by letting them communicate more naturally, in a “chat” as the name implies. As well as answering the chatbot’s questions, users can also ask the chatbot simple questions such as How do I upload a picture to my product or How do I sync multiple shopify stores

While this seemed like a fantastic idea, we found out that keeping the bot up to date and teaching each and every concept in Stock&Buy is tedious work.

A better way…

Why should we have a computer program automatically answer questions when that very same knowledge our users are looking for can be shared via other convenient and persistent channels? Instead of burning our midnight oil improving the chat bot, we decided to take another approach and put a collaboration system in place where we, along with our beloved customers can help each other answering questions which others might find useful. So we built a system where anyone can go and search questions and answers when stuck.

Closing note.

Ditch the spreadsheets, paper based and manual book keeping of your orders and inventory