August 30th, 2016 By Tamoh

Bundles support for Shopify

How to manage Bundles for Shopify

In this article we will describe the support for bundles for Shopify. In Stock&Buy we implemented a very flexible way for bundles. Basically, a bundle can live under any product, a product can have both bundles and variants and a bundle can contain any number of variants.

That said, Shopify only sees Products and Variants, thus if you want your bundles to look nice on Shopify, please follow the instructions below. In the example will use for this article, I will create a bundle to sell a Product : Jean, with another one: Shirts. The Jean product has different sizes :40,50,60. And the shirt has different colors: Green, Blue.

Let’s get started:

  1. Go to Products, click on “Add Product”. This is the product that will contain your bundles. Think of it as “The bundle” you want to sell. In our Example it is: 1 Jean + 1 Shirt
  2. Enter your product name: 1 Jean + 1 Shirt
  3. Click Save (don’t add any options or variants)
  4. After the product is saved click on “Add options”. This is the trickiest part. Remember, you are making a bundle out of existing variants. Those variants have options. Thus the bundle options should reflect the underlying variants.
  5. In our Example I will Add, Size, Color with values (40,50,60 for size, and green and blue for color)Adding options to your bundle
  6. Click save
  7. Click on “Add bundle”.
  8. My first bundle will be a Jean of Size 40″ + a Shirt of green color. I will enter SKU: BUN-j-S-40-Green
  9. I will enter 40 for Size and green for the Color
  10. Click on “Add bundle line”
  11. Search for Jean, and select variant with the Size 40
  12. Enter quantity 1. I want to bundle only one Jean in this Bundle.
  13. Click on “Add bundle line”
  14. Search for Shirt, and select variant with Color green. Entity quantity 1.
    Add Bundled Variant
  15. Click on “Save & Close”
  16. Repeat steps 7-15 until you create all your bundle items.
  17. The final bundle will look like this inside Stock&Buy:
  18. And on Shopify it will look like:
  19. Delete the first variant inside this product. This was the default variant that was auto generated when we created the product.

Note: Please don’t mix variants with bundles. It will not look pretty on Shopify.

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